Modifying an Employee Election

To modify an employee Medical FSA, Dependent Care, Parking, or Mass Transportation election do the following:

1) Log into the employer portal.

2) Hover your mouse over the Employees menu and either click on the View All Employees link or enter the employee’s information in the search fields and click on the Search button. Then click on the employee’s account you need to update.

Terminating Employee - Step 1

3) From the employee record page click on the Enrollments link

Employer Portal - Enrollment Link

4) Click on the Update link next to the benefit you want to update.

Updating an Election - Step1

5) You will get a pop-up window that gives you two choices:

a) Correct an existing election: You would select this option if the original election amount was entered incorrectly

b) Add an election to an existing enrollment due to a qualifying event: You would select this option if an employee experienced a qualifying event and is changing their election.

Updating an Election - Step2

6) Enter the effective date for the new election as well as the new election amount. The system will calculate what the new payroll deduction amount should be. Click on the Add New Election button.

Updating an Election - Step3

7) You will get a confirmation that the employee’s election has been updated.

Updating an Election - Step4