Downloading The 24HourFlex Mobile App

Our mobile app provides the convenience of on-the-go account access.  It allows you to file claims, upload receipts by taking photos, quick views of account balances, card status, and much more.  Getting the mobile app is simple, so just follow these steps:

*Please note that your device and operating system may be a bit different than the one shown below.*


Step 1:  Using your mobile device, go to your APP STORE (iOS) or GOOGLE PLAY STORE (Android).



Step 2:  Once you are in the APP STORE, select the SEARCH icon.



 Step 3:  Search for and select 24HourFlex Mobile.



 Step 4:  Download the 24HourFlex Mobile app.



Step 5:  Congratulations!  Once the app has finished downloading, you should see the icon on your phone.





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