24HourFlex Mobile App Overview

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*These images are taken from the iOS version.  All versions are very similar.*

Home Page:  This is where you can quickly see your available balances and plan years, file a claim, make HSA distributions, and access a quick view of important account statistics.  The HOME icon in the bottom left of the screen will always bring you back to this page.

new app home

Selecting FILE A CLAIM allows you to submit a request for reimbursement on out-of-pocket expenses.  You will fill in the required fields, and then take a picture of your receipt.  When you are ready to submit the claim, select ADD CLAIM in the upper right.


Requesting a distribution from your HSA can be done by selecting HSA DISTRIBUTION on the HOME page.  Like filing a claim with an FSA, HSA distributions are for reimbursing out-of-pocket expenses.  Substantiation is not submitted for HSA distributions and so the process is very easy.  You will select the PAY FROM account and the PAY TO account, and then hit NEXT in the upper right to finalize the funds transfer details.


Selecting QUICK VIEW from the HOME page will bring up account specific statistics for you to peruse.


Under ALL ACCOUNTS, you will see your various account types with available balances.  Choosing an account pulls up ACCOUNT ACTIVITY, and you can also see important plan dates.


The MESSAGE CENTER is accessed by selecting the envelope icon along the bottom of the screen.  As you can see we have one message about a receipt being needed.  Selecting the message allows you to use your devices camera to take a picture of the receipt.


The ME icon along the bottom brings up some profile options including the ability to change your login information, and manage your debit cards.  Choosing MANAGE DEBIT CARDS allows you to see your card status and REPORT LOST/STOLEN.


Finally, selecting MORE in the bottom right of the screen provides a few key options.  This is where you will find ways to contact us, change your pass-code, and log out of the app.




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