How to Make a HSA Transaction (Contribution / Distribution)

Step 1:  From your account HOME page, click the MAKE HSA TRANSACTION button.

Home Page HSA transaction box

Step 2:  You will create the transaction by selecting the FROM account and the TO account.  A distribution  (From HSA: To personal account = Withdrawal) will transfer money from the HSA to a personal checking/savings account.  A contribution (From personal account: To HSA = Deposit) will transfer money from your personal checking or savings account to the HSA account.  Select the NEXT button when you are ready to proceed.

Accounts page HSA transaction box

 Step 3:  Set the TRANSACTION SCHEDULE.  You must select either ONE-TIME or SCHEDULE for the frequency.  Selecting the SCHEDULE radio button will generate further options for future and recurring transactions.  Select the NEXT button when you are ready to proceed.

HSA accounts page to from

 Step 4-A (DISTRIBUTION):  Set the TRANSACTION DETAILS for the distribution.  You must specify an AMOUNT, an EXPENSE CATEGORY, the RECIPIENT/PATIENT, and you have the option of adding NOTES for your records.  Select NEXT when you are ready to proceed.

HSA page details

Step 4-B (CONTRIBUTION):  Set the TRANSACTION DETAILS for the contribution.  You must specify the AMOUNT to contribute into the HSA and you have the option of leaving a NOTE for your records.

how to make a HSA transaction 7

Step 5:  The final step is to CONFIRM TRANSACTION.  Please confirm the transaction details and check the box stating “I HAVE READ, UNDERSTAND, AND AGREE TO THE INFORMATION AND TERMS ABOVE“.  Finally, you must click the SUBMIT button to initiate the transaction.

Final HSA page TnCSubmit

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