HSA Fees

24HourFlex Health Savings Account (HSA) Fee Schedule

Effective as of January 1, 2019

24HourFlex wants you to understand the fees associated with your Health Savings Account (HSA). Most of these fees can be avoided by utilizing the forms available in the consumer portal and signing up for direct deposit.

Fee Description Fee Amount How to Avoid this Fee
Check Distribution $5.00

Sign up for direct deposit through the consumer portal for no fee distributions from your HSA.

Check fee applies to all transfer and rollover out requests.

Account Closure $15.00 You may keep your HSA account open with 24HourFlex to use for medical expenses even after leaving your current employer.

Account closure fee applies to all full transfer and rollover out requests.

Returned Item $25.00 This fee is charged for any ACH Returns triggered if you request a direct deposit distribution from your HSA or make a direct contribution to your HSA which bounces, including but not limited to Non-sufficient funds, Account Closed, Incorrect Routing/Account Number.
Excess Contribution Correction $25.00 Watch your account and be sure not contribute more than the annual IRS limits for individual or family coverage.
Transaction Correction $25.00 This fee is charged if you request any of these items: a change to the contribution type (Pre or Post tax or Employer), a tax year correction and/or change in dollar amount of a processed contribution and/or distribution. Any resulting Corrected HSA Tax Forms are included in this fee charge.
Stop Payment on Check $25.00 You will only incur this fee if you request 24HourFlex to stop payment on a check issued to you.
Duplicate Copy of Tax Document $5.00 View or print copies of your tax documents on the consumer portal.
Monthly Service Fee $2.50 / month This fee only applies to account holders who keep their HSA account open with 24HourFlex after they terminate employment or whose employer no longer offers the HSA.

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