How to Set Up Direct Deposit

Setting up direct deposit allows you to get your reimbursements quicker than waiting for a check in the mail.   In the event of a repayment being due, it allows you to quickly repay the amount back into your account.  It will also allow you to avoid fees for reissuing checks.  For HSA holders, you can avoid distribution fees and quickly move funds to and from the account.

Step 1:  From your HOME page, click the link in the TASKS section mentioning “GET YOUR MONEY FASTER” and skip to Step 3.  Otherwise select the PROFILE tab along the top of your HOME page for an alternate method.

Online Administration (2)

Step 2:  On the left of the PROFILE page select the BANKING/CARDS tab followed by the ADD BANK ACCOUNT link.

Banking Cards

Step 3:  Enter your banking information and then click the SUBMIT button.   This saves your account to your secure online portal.


Step 4:  Once your bank account has been added and is visible under BANK ACCOUNTS select the TOOLS & SUPPORT tab along the top of your portal.


Step 5:  From the TOOLS & SUPPORT page, under “HOW DO I?“, select CHANGE PAYMENT METHOD.


Step 6:  The CHANGE PAYMENT METHOD page allows you to see your primary and alternate reimbursement options for all plan years. If you would like to make a change to your payment method, click UPDATE.


Step 7: On the next page, select the reimbursement method you would like to be in effect for your plan and click SUBMIT.

Update Payment Method

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