Employer Reports

All reports are accessed through the secure online EMPLOYER PORTAL.  From your company’s HOME page, select the REPORTS tab to view all available reports.  Selecting RUN NEW REPORT allows you to request current or date specific reports.   A few key reports include:

  • ACCOUNT BALANCE REPORT:  View plan account balance information per consumer, per plan, as of a specific date (not including HSA information).  The purpose of this report is to provide information about plan account balances per consumer per plan, assist in getting “plan” as well as “cash” values, and to use as part of your forfeiture report (cash value after year end).  Sample:  ER_AccountBalanceReport
  • PAYMENT HISTORY REPORT:  View all reimbursements and payments for a specified time period.  You may view all payment types or specify a particular type of payment, e.g. Checks.  This report shows payment summaries and detail by payment type.  The purpose of this report is to provide information about reimbursements made for an employer group, and to assist in reconciliation of reimbursement/payments made by an employer group.  Sample:  ER_PaymentHistoryReport
  • HSA FUNDING COLLECTION NOTIFICATION:  View HSA funding notifications sent to the employer containing the payroll deduction and/or employer contribution to be collected from the employer.  This notification is used by the employer to determine the dollar amount of funds that are to be collected. The employer will need to fund the employer’s bank account from which the partner uploads funds to the HSA Contribution Account at HealthCare Bank. The total dollar amount to be funded and the date that funds need to be in the employer’s bank account are given in a message under the Funds to be Collected section title.  The employer reviews the Funds on Hold section to anticipate which funds may be needed in the employer’s bank account to fund the HSA Contribution Account. When a block status is removed from a consumer’s account, the transactions listed in the Funds on Hold section will be moved to the Funds to be Collected section, and a new notification will be generated the next business day.  Sample:  HSAFundingCollectionNotification


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