How to Make a Repayment

If you have used your 24HourFlex debit card to pay for an expense that was not FSA-eligible, you will need to repay the ineligible amount to your Flexible Spending Account. If this occurs, 24HourFlex will send you an email notification alerting you that a repayment is needed and there is an amount owed to your account.

In the event of an amount being owed back to your account, you can quickly make the repayment through your secure online portal.  While the electronic method is the most efficient and secure, there is also a manual method for making repayments.

*If we have determined something to be ineligible as per IRS regulations and an amount owed has been generated, then you may locate the official INELIGIBLE EXPENSE NOTIFICATION in your MESSAGE CENTER.  


Step 1:  When a repayment is due, a message will appear on your HOME page in the MESSAGE CENTER.  Click directly on the message to continue.

2nd SS How to Make a Repayment

Step 2:  From the REPAYMENTS page,  select the REPAY link to the right of the expense.

3rd SS How to make a repayment

Step 3:  The REPAY page assists in setting up the EFT (electronic funds transfer) from your personal checking account.  If you are already signed up for direct deposit, or if you have added your bank account previously,  your account information will be visible in the REPAYMENT FROM section.  If you have not yet added your personal checking account, you may do so by clicking the UPDATE BANK ACCOUNT link.  The REPAYMENT ON date is when the transfer will be initiated.  Click the check box to indicate you have read, understand, and agree to the terms described on the page, and click SUBMIT to confirm and complete the repayment process.  When the transfer completes the funds will be applied to your available balance.

4th SS how to make a repayment


If you are unable to make the repayment electronically, then you may always send in a check.  To do this, you will have to include the INELIGIBLE EXPENSE NOTIFICATION from your MESSAGE CENTER along with your check.  Instructions for sending in a check are included on the notification.

You can mail the check to the following address:

PO Box 645001
Dallas TX 75264-5001

5th SS how to make a repayment

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