How To File An HRA Claim

*Please Note:  Filing an HRA claim is for requesting reimbursement on out-of-pocket expenses.  Most HRAs cover medical deductibles only, and therefore EOBs (Explanation Of Benefits) from your insurance are required for substantiation.  Specifically, these documents show how much money has been applied towards the deductible.*

Step 1:  From your account HOME page click the FILE A CLAIM button.


Step 2:  Begin creating the reimbursement by selecting the PAY FROM account and the PAY TO account.  Click the NEXT button when you are ready to continue.


Step 3:  UPLOAD VALID DOCUMENTATION (EOB) and select Next to continue. Uploading your receipts is the ideal and most secure method for submitting documentation.  Alternate methods for submitting receipts include email, fax, mail, and drop-off (all alternate methods require the printable claim confirmation).


Step 4:  Enter all required information (* indicates required field).  For the CATEGORY you must select MEDICAL EXPENSES, and for the TYPE you must select MEDICAL DEDUCTIBLE.  These two sections are key, as they tell the system to pull from the HRA rather than other account types.  Select the NEXT button when you are ready to continue.


Step 5:  Submit the claim from the TRANSACTION SUMMARY page.  From the TRANSACTION SUMMARY you will have the option of adding another , removing, updating/editing, and submitting the claim(s).  You will be required to check the I HAVE READ, UNDERSTAND, AND AGREE TO THE TERMS AND CONDITIONS box before you can select SUBMIT.

***Please Note:  The FROM account should be HRA.***


Step 6:  Congratulations!  You have successfully filed you claim.  If you were unable to upload the EOB, you may select CLAIM CONFIRMATION FORM to use with alternate submission methods.


If you were able to upload your EOB, then the process is complete (see below).




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