How To Add An Employee And Election

Step 1:  Once you are logged into your EMPLOYER PORTAL, hover over the EMPLOYEES menu.  When the drop down menu appears, click on the ADD EMPLOYEE link.


Step 2:  Here is where you will add all of the employee’s demographic information (*indicates required field).  When you are ready to continue, please click ADD EMPLOYEE.

Please note:  

  • Employer Employee ID:  You may enter your companies internal ID for employees if one exists.
  • You may be asked to enter a payroll frequency effective date:  This would be the same as the hire date.
  • Hours Worked Per Week:  This is a required field, but it does not matter what you set.  We recommend using 40.
  • A valid email address is required.  The system generates login credentials and emails them directly to the employee. If the employee does not have an email address, be sure to pass along their login credentials to access their Consumer Portal (see screenshot below).

Add Employee Profile

Step 3:  After clicking “Add Employee,” you will see a green confirmation box notifying you that the employee’s profile has been created. You will be able to review the demographic information to make sure it is correct. If changes are needed, click “Update Profile.”

Next, you will need to add the plans that the employee is enrolled in. Under the green confirmation box, click the button labeled ADD NEW ENROLLMENT.

Capture (1)

Step 4:  To add an enrollment, first select the plan year in which you wish to enroll the employee.

Add New Enrollment (1)

Step 5: Next, check the boxes next to the plan(s) the new employee has chosen. You will also see a section labeled Payment Method with a drop-down menu. It will default to Check, but in order to ensure that a 24HourFlex debit card is mailed to the participant, you MUST select Debit Card from the menu. The alternate Payment Method can be left as Check.

Add New Enrollment

Step 6: For each plan that you select, you will see a new section appear with a field for Effective Date and Annual Election. Put the first day that the employee’s benefit starts in the Effective Date field and the total amount that the employee elected for the whole plan year (or remaining portion of the plan year, if they enrolled mid-year) in the Annual Election field. Our system will automatically calculate the estimated per pay amount for reference. Once finished, click “Submit.”

Add New Enrollment (1)

Congratulations!  The employee has now been added and enrolled in their plan(s).  You will see their election confirmation in the green confirmation box. Below, you will be able to see the enrollment details, including the annual election amount, effective date, and payroll deduction.

Employee Details

If you have any questions or believe you made an error, please reach out to your Client Relationship Manager or call our Customer Service Team at 800-651-4855.

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