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COBRA: Adding A Qualified Beneficiary (QB)

When a qualifying event causes an employee to become eligible for COBRA, they must be added to the system as a new QB.  The QB’s general information is required along with the event information.  You will then apply the appropriate plans for the QB’s continuation of coverage.  If there are any dependents, they are to be added as well.  The last step, if required, is to put in place a subsidy schedule.

Follow these simple steps to see how its all done:

Step 1:  From the HOME page of your company’s CLIENT PORTAL, select the WIZARDS tab located at the top-center of the page.

client home wizard1

Step 2:  From the drop down menu, select the ADD A NEW QB WIZARD.

cobrapoint client wiz

Step 3:  Welcome to the ADD A NEW QB WIZARD!  All required fields are outlined in red.  Enter the QB’s information and select the NEXT button to continue to the EVENT tab.

***Please make sure to add an email address and phone number, in case we need to contact the QB about their continuation.***


Step 4:  Enter the required event information (outlined in red), and then select the NEXT button to continue to the PLANS tab. ***The CATEGORY section allows you to set whether the QB is employee or dependent (Dependent being used typically in the event of a divorce or a dependent child ceasing to be a dependent).***


Step 5:  Now you have to add the plans for the QB.  From the PLANS tab, select the ADD A PLAN button.


Step 6:  Choose the PLAN and COVERAGE LEVEL.  Select the INSERT button to include the selected plan.


Step 7:  The first plan should now be visible. You may add any other necessary plans via the same method.  As you can see below, we have added MEDICAL for EE+Spouse.  So we must still add the other plans offered to our demo QB (VISION and DENTAL).  Select ADD A PLAN again to finish adding the appropriate plans.


Step 8:  Once all of the necessary plans have been added for the QB, select the NEXT button to go to the DEPENDENTS tab.

***At this point, if you do not have any dependents or subsidies to add, you may select the FINISH button to complete the ADD A NEW QB process.***


Step 9:  The next step is to add all dependents to be included in the continuation.  Select the ADD A DEPENDENT button to continue.


Step 10:  Enter all of the required fields (outlined in red), and please include the SSN and DOB.  Select the SAVE button to continue.


Step 11:  You must now select ADD PLAN next to each desired plan.  The plans will move to the ADDED DEPENDENT PLAN(S) section when chosen.  Click the SAVE button to proceed.


Step 12:  Now that the first dependent has been added, you may add any others that may exist.  If there are no other dependents to add, then you can select the NEXT button to continue to the SUBSIDIES tab.  If you do not need to add subsidies, then you may click FINISH to complete the ADD A NEW QB PROCESS.


Step 13:  Select the ADD A SUBSIDY SCHEDULE button to set the details of the subsidy.  If no subsidy is necessary, then click FINISH to complete the process.


Step 14:  Set the SUBSIDY SCHEDULE by completing the required fields.  Select the OK button to proceed.


Step 15:  Review and edit the subsidy details if desired.  Choose the FINISH button to proceed.


Step 16:  Confirm and save by selecting YES in the QB WIZARD CONFIRMATION window.


Congratulations!  The QB has been added.  Go forth and enjoy the rest of your day!




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