Employer Portal: Overview

The Employer Portal allows you view important information on the accounts that are being offered to your employees.  This is also where you will be able to pull reports, add employees and their elections, terminate employees and their elections, and view participant accounts.


HOME:  The HOME page provides information such as last login date, the five most recently created reports, recently viewed reports, and recently view employees.

ER1REPORTS:  The REPORTS page allows you to view existing reports.  To the right of certain reports, you can select RUN NEW REPORT to generate new data.

ER2EMPLOYEES:  Hovering over the EMPLOYEES tab reveals a dropdown menu.  You can quickly access the most RECENTLY VIEWED EMPLOYEES, click to VIEW ALL EMPLOYEES, or search for employees by specific parameters such as last name. You may also select the ADD EMPLOYEE link to add an employee and election.


EMPLOYEES:  This page provides a list of employees, and the ability to search for employees by specific parameters.

ER4PLANS:  The PLANS page provides brief descriptions of you currently offered plans.

ER6RESOURCES:  Unlike with this demo account, your RESOURCES section typically provides links to useful forms such as the Letter Of Medical Necessity form.

ER7Links:  This drop down menu grants access to the FSA Store and other fun things.



Other Helpful Topics:  Upload Files,  Add an Employee and Election, Term. an Employee, Reports, Employer Portal:  Overview.