How To Remove/Terminate An Employee

Step 1:  Once you are logged into your EMPLOYER PORTAL, take your mouse cursor over to EMPLOYEES.  If the employee was recently viewed, you may select their name under the RECENTLY VIEWED EMPLOYEES section.  Otherwise, you can select VIEW ALL EMPLOYEES or SEARCH for the employee by name.

employer portal_employees1.1

Step 2:  From the chosen employee’s PROFILE page, you will select the STATUS link on the right.

Select Status

Step 3:  This is the employee’s STATUS page, where you can see the current status of the chosen individual.  To change the status, click the ADD NEW STATUS link on the right.

Add new status

Step 4:  The ADD NEW STATUS page allows you to select the new status from a set of options.  When removing an employee, the TERMINATED status should be selected.  Next you will select the appropriate STATUS EFFECTIVE AS OF date, which should be the day after the last day of employment/eligibility (first day of terminated status).  Finally, you will add the LAST PAYROLL DEDUCTION DATE and click the ADD STATUS button.

add status

Step 5:  The employee STATUS page will now reflect the new status of the employee.  If necessary, on the right, you may remove the new status and revert the employee back to active.

New Status

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