• How To Log In To Your Account

    Whether you are a returning employer or are logging into your account for the first time, this post will teach you where to find your login information and how to access your COBRA employer portal.

  • Employer Portal Overview

    Trying to find your way around your COBRA employer portal? Click here to learn how to navigate and use the main features and options of your employer portal.

  • COBRA Timeline

    After an employee experiences a qualifying event, there are several important dates and deadlines to be aware of. Click here for a complete timeline outlining the most important occurrences from the Event Date to the Last Day of COBRA.

  • How to Pull Remittance Reports

    The Remittance Report contains a detailed summary of all payments applied to premium months that are due to either the Client or Carrier through a specific date. Click here to learn how to pull a Remittance Report in your employer portal.