Employer HSA Transition Details

24HourFlex is changing the system and bank we work with to administer your Health Savings Accounts. This new system will simplify the work you have to do while managing your employee’s HSAs. The following details are important:

  1. We’ve created an HSA Transition Page for your employees with answers to common questions. A link to this page has been emailed to your employees.
  2. If you’d like to send out an email to your employees with HSAs you may use/modify this HSA Email Template.
  3. If your employees have questions please direct them to our customer service team via one of the methods on our contact us page.

Common Employer HSA Transition Questions

How will employers send HSA Contributions to 24HourFlex?

There are three options available for getting HSA contribution information to 24HourFlex:

  1. Contributions can be scheduled to automatically post each pay period for your employees
  2. Contribution information can be added to your existing FSA contribution file that is sent to 24HourFlex
  3. You may send a separate contribution file to 24HourFlex each pay period with only HSA contribution information. For the short term, you may send 24HourFlex the same HSA contribution file you’ve been sending to HSA Bank each pay period. It can be uploaded to us via our secure file upload page.

How will employers send funding to 24HourFlex for HSA contributions?

24HourFlex will automatically pull funding once HSA contribution information has been posted into our system.

If you are already setup to allow 24HourFlex to pull funds for other benefit accounts no further action is required. If you have not given 24HourFlex approval to pull funding from a bank account you will need to complete this Banking Authorization form and return it to your client relationship manager.

How quickly will HSA funds be available once contributions are sent to 24HourFlex?

Once a contribution file has been posted to our system funds will be available for your employees within 24 to 48 hours (2x faster than with the previous provider).

How will new hires enroll in an HSA?

New hires will be given a client specific web link that they will use to complete their HSA application.

We created this HSA New User Enrollment Guide (Google Doc | PDF) to help walk new employees through this process.

Will employers need a separate login to manage their HSA accounts?

Employers can manage all of their benefit programs through 24HourFlex (FSAs, HRAs, HSAs, Commuter Benefits) through a single login in our new system!

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