HSA Investment

Investment Requirements and Options

If you have a balance in your HSA of greater than $2,000, you are eligible to invest a portion of your HSA funds. Any amount over $2,000 can be invested in a selection of index and mutual funds, which are established by the HSA custodian for your account. If you have an HSA with 24HourFlex, the HSA custodian is HealthCare Bank.

A full list of all current investment options provided by HealthCare Bank for HSAs can be found here.

Any returns gained through investment are not taxable on your federal return, making HSA investment a valuable resource. With detailed tracking and reporting in the Investment portion of your 24HourFlex Consumer Portal, growing your account is a simple and tangible way to grow your savings.

If you have specific questions on HSA investment, such as what happens when you invest money, what risk is involved in investment, or how to access your invested funds, click here to view our HSA Investment Frequently Asked Questions.

How to Invest

To invest your HSA funds, you must first log in to your Consumer Portal at participant.24hourflex.com. From the home page of your Consumer Portal, click on “Manage Investments” under the “I Want To” section.


Once you get to the investment page, select the Setup Investment Transfers link on the right-hand side of the screen.

Enter the dollar amount (above the noted minimum) to set as a ‘cash threshold balance’ for your investments to automatically transfer between cash and investments ongoing. You can change this at any time!