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Determining File Size, Reducing File Size (2MB Max), And Converting To .PDF (PC)

When uploading documentation for substantiation through your CONSUMER PORTAL, you must make sure the file size is less than or equal to 2MB.  This guide is designed to help you find your file size, reduce the file size if necessary, and convert files to .PDF (PC).



Determining The File Size

To find the file size on a PC, right click on the file and select PROPERTIES.


The PROPERTIES menu displays the file size as seen in the image below.




Reducing Your File Size If Necessary, And Converting Your File To A .PDF:  PC (Word)

There are countless programs designed to reduce a files size, but most PC users already have Word.  This is a quick guide to reducing file size using Word, and saving the file as a .PDF.

Step 1)  Open a new Word document, and drag the images you want to use onto the page.


Step 2) Select an image in the document to reveal the PICTURE TOOLS ribbon.  Select COMPRESS PICTURES in PICTURE TOOLS.


Step 3) Choose ALL PICTURES IN DOCUMENT, PRINT resolution (200 dpi), and make sure the COMPRESS PICTURES box is checked.  Select OK to continue.


Step 4)  Select the APPLY button to confirm image compression.


Step 5) The next step is to save the document as a .PDF, so choose SAVE AS in the FILE menu.


Step 6)  Choose you file destination, rename your file, and then select PDF in the SAVE AS TYPE.  Save the document when you are done.


After the document has been saved, you can check the properties to confirm the file size.  As you can see in the image below, the file size has been drastically reduced.  (Original file size = 2.8MB / Compressed file size = 274KB)



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