COBRA: Terminating Events

Group health plans may terminate coverage earlier than the end of the maximum period for any of the following reasons (Department Of Labor):

  • Premiums are not paid in full
  • The employer ceases to maintain any group health plan
  • A qualified beneficiary begins coverage under another group health plan after electing continuation
  • A qualified beneficiary becomes entitled to Medicare benefits after electing continuation coverage
  • A qualified beneficiary engages in conduct that would justify the plan terminating coverage of a similarly situated participant or beneficiary not receiving continuation coverage (such as fraud)

What do I do when I no longer wish to be on COBRA?

1.  Stop paying your premiums.

2.  Email the 24HourFlex COBRA team at with your intent to terminate the continuation.  Please provide the date for coverage to stop.  If you have ACH setup, please let us know to stop all future pulls.

We advise all qualified beneficiaries to have alternative coverage in place when terminating enrollment early.   If you decide to terminate your COBRA coverage early, you generally won’t be able to get a Marketplace plan outside of the open enrollment period.  For more information on alternatives to COBRA, please visit our partners at


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