COBRA: Member Portal Overview

An integral part of our broad service is offering the Member Self-Service Portal.  The Member Portal is designed to give you secure, 24 hour access to manage your continuation under the employer’s existing group health plans.  We encourage you to use the powerful tools contained in the Member Portal for your COBRA duration.  Examples of the information and tools you’ll find on the Member Portal include:

  • View Payment Information (last received and next due)
  • Look up Coverage Information (plans and critical dates)
  • Download copies of all communications we’ve sen to you
  • Get a form to signup for automatic monthly withdrawals (ACH) from a checking or savings account (no fees)
  • Make Payments Online (VISA, MasterCard, or E-Check)($20 convenience fee associated with each payment)


Please see COBRA: How To Log Into Your Member Portal And Make Your Election for information on getting logged into your portal.


The Member Portal HOME page gives you access to MAKE PAYMENT, PROFILE, PAYMENT INFO, PREFERENCES, COMMUNICATIONS, MESSAGES, and ELECTION.  Selecting the 24HOURFLEX logo in the upper left, will always bring you back to your HOME page.

24HourFlex Home

The PROFILE section is divided into three sections including PERSONAL INFO, PRODUCT SELECTIONS, and REGISTRATION INFO.  The PERSONAL INFO subsection, allows you to view relevant data such as address, SSN, email, birth date, client, and member ID.  Keeping your contact information updated is important as notifications, mailings, and other communications can provide important information for your continuation.  To edit your personal information, select the golden pencil located to the right of your name.

24HourFlex Profile1

PRODUCT SELECTIONS:  This section allows you to view your current enrollments, coverage levels, effective dates, and each plan’s respective monthly premium amount.

24HourFlex Product Selections2

REGISTRATION INFO:  This section gives you a quick view of your username, registration code, and registration date.

24HourFlex Registration Info

The next major section is PAYMENT INFO.  Here you will have access to PAYMENT SCHEDULE, PAYMENT SUMMARY, RECURRING PAYMENTS, and PAYMENT HISTORY.  The first subsection is PAYMENT SCHEDULE, which displays a graph of amounts owed in future months.

24HourFlex Payment Schedule

PAYMENT SUMMARY:  This section displays information on the last payment made and the next payment due.

24HourFlex Payment Summary

RECURRING PAYMENTS:  Here, you can set a schedule for future premium payments (ACH).

24HourFlex Recurring Payment Method

PAYMENT HISTORY:  View a log of your previously made payments in this subsection.

24HourFlex Payment History

The PREFERENCES section is broken into two parts including LOGIN and COMMUNICATIONS.  The LOGIN subsection allows you to view and edit your login information.  To edit your password, select the golden pencil located to the right of your name.

24hourflex login preferences

COMMUNICATIONS PREFERENCES:   All available options for receiving communications are listed here.

24HourFlex Communication Preferences

COMMUNICATIONS:  Here, you will find all of the pertinent COBRA letters that have been mailed to you, and the dates on which they were generated.

24HourFlex Communications

MESSAGES:  This section may be used to display nonessential communications.

24HourFlex Messages

ELECTION:  This is where you can review offered plans, and those you chose to elect.

24HourFlex Elect Products




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