COBRA Employer Portal: QB Profile

Searching for a QB and viewing their record is easy.  This guide will describe the search function and provide a basic record overview.

Searching for a QB or NPM

Once you have logged into the COBRA Employer Portal, enter the first name, last name, and/or SSN of the member for whom you are looking. By leaving the Member Type as “All”, the system will search through all of your organization’s qualified beneficiaries, new plan members, and direct bill members (if applicable). If you know what type of member you are looking for, select the member type from the Member Type drop-down menu. Then click  FIND MEMBER, which will search based on your criteria.

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All employees who meet the criteria you search for will appear in a list. Click on the name of the member you are looking for to pull up his/her profile.

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Once the QB is selected, you will immediately see their record displayed.  The screen defaults to the PROFILE tab, which displays QB information and event information. Options on the left side allow you to view the QB’s plans, dependents, subsidies, payments, premiums paid, premiums due, letter inserts, letter attachments, and communications. You can also easily see whether the member has elected coverage by viewing the note under the Event Date in the main header.

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The PLANS & BUNDLES page allows you to view all QB available plans.

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The DEPENDENTS tab displays all dependents added to the QBs profile.  You can select a dependent to view more information.

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The COMMUNICATIONS tab allows employers to view all mailed communications sent to the QB, including a copy of the employee’s Specific Rights Notice letter.

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