cobra employer portal overview

COBRA: Employer Portal Overview

The COBRA Employer Portal provides the necessary tools for managing admin access, viewing COBRA information as it pertains to your organization, viewing and adding QBs, viewing and adding NPMs, and pulling important reports.

How to log into the Employer Portal:

The HOME page:  This is where you enter into the system.  It is divided into three simple sections.  Section 1 is the best place to search for existing QBs and NPMs.  Section 2 provides information on your organization as it relates to COBRA.  And, section 3 provides report pulling tools, as well as QB and NPM adding wizards.

COBRAEP11:  Search Tool.  This is the best place to search for former and current employees.  Simply enter the first few letters of the last name, and you are on your way to locating the desired profile.  Select the SEARCH button to run the search.


2: Section 2 defaults to your organization’s information.  This is where you will be able to view basic information about your organization, as it relates to COBRA.  The top three tabs in this section are the CONTACTS tab, QB PLANS tab, and the DIVISIONS tab.

  • CONTACTS:  View and edit the list of people with admin access in your organization.
  • QB PLANS:  View currently available plans offered by your organization, the carriers of the plans, and any contact information your organization has shared on the carriers.  This section will also display current rates provided to us on the various plans.
  • DIVISIONS:  See and control who has admin access by division in your organization, and see what plans are offered in different divisions.


3:  This section gives grants access to a couple important functions including Reports, and Wizards.

  • REPORTS:  Selecting REPORTS will allow you to pull information like remittance reports and generated letter detail reports.
  • WIZARDS:  Selecting the desired wizard from the drop down will allow you to add QBs and NPMs.





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