COBRA: Employer Portal Overview

The COBRA Employer Portal provides the necessary tools for managing admin access, viewing COBRA information as it pertains to your organization, viewing and adding QBs, viewing and adding NPMs, and pulling important reports.

How to log into the Employer Portal:

The HOME page:  This is where you enter into the system.  It is divided into simple sections.  In the center is the easiest way to search for an existing plan member or add a new plan member, whether a Qualified Beneficiary, New Plan Member, or a Direct Bill member.
Home Page EmployerPortal (38)


On the left side, you will find the main navigational tools. Under ACCOUNT, you will find basic information about your organization.

  • EMPLOYER PROFILE: View your company name, EIN, address, and primary phone number.
  • CONTACTS:  View and edit the list of people with admin access in your organization.
  • PLANS:  View currently available plans offered by your organization, the carriers of the plans, and any contact information your organization has shared on the carriers.  This section will also display current rates provided to us on the various plans.
  • BUNDLES: View currently available plan bundles offered by your organization (if applicable).
  • CONTINUATION RULES: View the continuation rules for each of your organization’s plans, including the number of months of coverage provided, the days a member has to elect, the deadline for first premium payment, and the deadline for subsequent premium payments.
  • DIVISIONS:  See and control who has admin access by division in your organization, and see what plans are offered in different divisions.
  • COMMUNICATIONS: View any communications that have been sent to you as an employer user from 24HourFlex.

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Under MEMBERS is where you will be able to search for existing members and add new members.

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Under IMPORTS & REPORTS you will be able to run all reporting regarding your organization’s COBRA data and view a history of reports run in the Job Queue. Since most organizations do not import their own COBRA files, the Imports feature is likely not something that will be utilized. For reporting, there are two categories: Accounting Reports and Standard Reports. Each report type has a drop-down menu with different reporting option, and each specific report provides an explanation of the report when hovered over with your mouse.

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The RECENT ACTIVITY page will show you all of your recently viewed data items by category, including recently viewed QBs, Direct Bill members, NPMs, Employer Divisions, and Carriers.

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And finally, in the HELP section, there are resources to provide assistance. In Learning Central, you will find simple guides for completing tasks in your portal. If you need to contact 24HourFlex, our information will be listed under Contact Us.

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