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How To Add An Employee And Election

Step 1:  Once you are logged into your EMPLOYER PORTAL, hover over the EMPLOYEES menu.  When the drop down menu appears, click on the ADD EMPLOYEE link. Step 2:  Here is where you will add all of the employee’s demographic information (*indicates required field).  When you are ready to continue, please click ADD EMPLOYEE. Please note:   Employer Employee ID:  You […]

How To Transfer/Upload Secure Files (Contribution, Enrollment, Demographic)

Step 1:  From www.24hourflex.com take your mouse over to EMPLOYERS and a small window should appear.  In the new window, select SECURE FILE TRANSFER. Step 2:  On the EMPLOYER SECURE FILE UPLOAD page, you can either drag and drop files to the upload box or click BROWSE button.  (Please ensure that your files are either *.xlsx or *.csv) Step 3: […]

How To Order Replacement Cards Or Report Cards As Lost/Stolen

Step 1:  From your account HOME page, click on the PROFILE tab.  From the PROFILE page, you will then select the BANKING/CARDS section on the left. Step 2:  Select either ORDER REPLACEMENT or REPORT LOST/STOLEN. *Ordering a replacement card is simply ordering an extra card. This issues a new card with the primary account holders name and the same 16 […]