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COBRA: Employer Login

Welcome to your online COBRA portal! When you first begin your COBRA account with 24HourFlex, you will receive an email from the COBRA team at 24HourFlex that includes your administrator login credentials for the COBRA EMPLOYER PORTAL. When you receive the email from us, it will include: Link to Portal.24HourFlex.com (where you log in to your account) Your […]

COBRA: Remittance Reports

Remittance Reports contain a detailed summary of all premium payments that COBRA participants have made either to the Client or to the Carrier (minus bookable admin fees) during a specific date range. If you would like an example of a Remittance Report, you can view a Demo Report here:  Demo Remittance Report. Typically, Remittance Reports are […]

COBRA: Adding A New Plan Member (NPM)

How To Add An NPM Step 1:  From the HOME PAGE of your employer portal, click ADD MEMBER. Step 2: Since we are adding a New Plan Member, click NEXT under NEW HIRE. Step 3:  Enter the NPM’s information. Make sure that “Has waived all coverage” is NOT checked and that “Send General Rights letter when finished” IS checked. This will […]

COBRA: Member Portal Overview

An integral part of our broad service is offering the Member Self-Service Portal.  The Member Portal is designed to give you secure, 24 hour access to manage your continuation under the employer’s existing group health plans.  We encourage you to use the powerful tools contained in the Member Portal for your COBRA duration.  Examples of the […]

COBRA: Making Your Monthly Premium Payments

Several options exist for making your premium payments. Check, Money Order, or Cashiers Check ACH (automatic monthly withdrawals from a checking or savings account)(no fees) Online Payment (VISA, MasterCard, or E-Check)($20 convenience fee associated with each payment)   PAYMENTS VIA CHECK Please make checks payable to 24HourFlex. Mail checks to 24HourFlex PO Box 2440 Omaha, NE […]