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COBRA: Adding A QB In The Event Of A Death, Divorce/Legal Separation, Or Dependent Child Aging Out

In the event of a death, divorce/legal separation, or dependent child ceasing to be a dependent, it is necessary to add a QB.   The QB’s general information is required along with the event information.  You will then apply the appropriate plans for the QB’s continuation of coverage.  If there are any dependents, they are to […]

COBRA: Employer Portal Overview

The COBRA Employer Portal provides the necessary tools for managing admin access, viewing COBRA information as it pertains to your organization, viewing and adding QBs, viewing and adding NPMs, and pulling important reports. How to log into the Employer Portal:  http://24hourflex.com/cobra-employer-login/ The HOME page:  This is where you enter into the system.  It is divided into […]

COBRA: Open Enrollment Guide

Open enrollment occurs annually and it is a time period in which companies renegotiate their benefit plans.  Since COBRA participants are part of the employer’s group health plans, they are thereby awarded the same rights at open enrollment as active employees.  During this time period, COBRA participants are able to switch from one group health plan to another and/or add or remove coverage for a family member.  When the time for open enrollment arrives, you will receive […]

COBRA: Extensions

Qualified beneficiaries may become eligible for an extension of the maximum time period under two circumstances. Circumstance 1:  Disability – If a qualified beneficiary in your family becomes disabled and meets certain criteria, all of the qualified beneficiaries receiving continuation coverage due to a single qualifying event are entitled to an 11 month extension (possible max […]

COBRA: Terminating Events

Group health plans may terminate coverage earlier than the end of the maximum period for any of the following reasons (Department Of Labor): Premiums are not paid in full The employer ceases to maintain any group health plan A qualified beneficiary begins coverage under another group health plan after electing continuation A qualified beneficiary becomes […]