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HSA Terms and Conditions

ACCEPTING YOUR HSA TERMS & CONDITIONS In order for your HSA account to open and receive funds, you  must accept your account’s Terms & Conditions.  You will need to complete the read and agree portion on a PC or Mac computer. You will not be able to accept your Terms & Conditions in the 24HourFlex […]

24HourFlex Training Sessions

Please click on the links below to register for training sessions at the listed times. All times are MST. COBRA Employer Portal The next training session on the COBRA Employer Portal will be on Wednesday, January 31st, 2018 at 11:00am (MST). Register for the meeting here: https://zoom.us/meeting/register/72d2a94f4fe945aa66858a512be5123a.   FSA/HSA Employer Portal TBD. Coming soon!    

Determining File Size, Reducing File Size (2MB Max), And Converting To .PDF (MAC)

When uploading documentation for substantiation through your CONSUMER PORTAL, you must make sure the file size is less than or equal to 2MB.  This guide is designed to help you find your file size, reduce the file size if necessary, and convert files to .PDF (MAC).   1MB=1000KB Determining The File Size To find the […]