How To Find Your HSA Tax Statements (1099-SA/5498-SA)

From your account HOME page, go to the STATEMENTS & NOTIFICATIONS page to see your available HSA ACCOUNT SUMMARIES and HSA TAX STATEMENTS.


  • 1099-SA : Distributions from HSAs :  The 1099-SA form shows your total HSA distributions for a tax year. If you did not have distribution activity from your HSA(s) this year, then you will not receive a 1099-SA.  If you have more than one HSA account, then you will have more than one 1099-SA.  In the event of multiple 1099-SAs (multiple HSA accounts), you will add the figures together.
  • 5498-SA : Contributions into HSAs : The 5498-SA form from HealthCare Bank shows the total of all HSA contributions that are attributed to a tax year. It will be issued at the same time as the 1099-SA. If you make any additional contributions to a previous tax year before the tax filing deadline, a revised 5498-SA will be issued for you. If needed, this form can also be obtained from the HSA Contribution by Tax Year screen as shown below.

Contributions HSA



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