How To Add An Employee And Election

Step 1:  Once you are logged into your EMPLOYER PORTAL, take your mouse cursor over to EMPLOYEES.  When the drop down appears, click on the ADD EMPLOYEES link.


Step 2:  Here is where you will add all of the employee’s demographic information (*indicates required field).  When you are ready to continue, please click ADD EMPLOYEE.

Please note:  

  • Employer Employee ID:  You may enter your companies internal ID for employees if one exists.
  • You may be asked to enter a payroll frequency effective date:  This would be the same as the hire date.
  • Hours Worked Per Week:  This is a required field, but it does not matter what you set.  We recommend using 40.
  • A valid email address is required.  The system generates login credentials and emails them directly to the employee.

Add Employee Profile

Step 3:  You will see the confirmation and be able to review the demographic information.  In the green confirmation box, select the link labeled ADD ENROLLMENT.

Add EE Confirmation

Step 4:  To add an enrollment, select ENROLL on the desired election type to reveal the enrollment options.

add enrollment1

Step 5:  Add the necessary enrollment details.  When you are ready to continue, click the ADD ENROLMMENT(S) button.  The employee has now been added and enrolled.

add enrollment 3

Congratulations!  The employee has now been added and enrolled.  You will see their election confirmation in the green window.  You may now either add another enrollment or continue on with your wonderful day.

Add Enrollment Confirmation

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