COBRA: Member Portal Updates 2016

As part of our ongoing commitment to improving the user experience, the Member Self-Service Portal has undergone a series of enhancements.  The new Member Portal has been streamlined, while still providing the same secure, 24 hour access for managing your COBRA continuation.  The user interface has seen a complete overhaul, which is designed to be more intuitive and to simplify navigation.  Further enhancements will continue to trickle in throughout the year, so please stay tuned. Here are some details on a few of the changes that have occurred so far.


New COBRA Login

  • New members are required to add an email address during registration. Existing members without an email address are prompted to add one when they log on.
  • User names and passwords for all current users (Administrators, Clients, Brokers, and Members) will remain the same. Users do not need to take any additional action to access the Member Portal.


The new design provides a clean navigation structure with intuitive topics and improved graphics.



Better navigation provides visual cues so members know which steps they have completed along the way.

24HourFlex   Payment Summary1


Paying for premiums is central to providing timely benefits. The new Member Portal design provides easier access to premium information, easier flows to make payments, and new graphics that make understanding payment allocations, subsidies and outstanding balances easier to follow and understand.

24HourFlex   Payment Schedule2


As always, we are are here to answer any questions for you about the changes to your portal. Please contact us if you have questions about navigating these new features. We hope that the current and future enhancements make your life easier as you manage your account!